Hands-on chemical industry expertise

Progressio Global helps chemical executives achieve their critical business goals. Working at the intersection of strategy, markets and execution, we help chemical companies gain clarity and alignment in their organization to successfully implement business strategies, enter new markets, and transform their company.

Inspiration is not enough. All-to-often, business leaders have a vision of where their chemical business can go and what it can achieve, but lack the resources or know-how to achieve that goal. That’s where Progressio Global helps.

We bring decades of chemical industry leadership experience, insights and know-how to our engagements.  In our corporate roles, we’ve built teams, engaged customers and suppliers, grown businesses, and transformed organizations. We understand the challenges, opportunities and mindset of the chemical industry. We apply that know-how and insights to help you navigate a path to success.

Progressio Global. Our experience is your catalyst

Our Founder

Victoria Meyer is the founder and President of Progressio Global.  She is a B2B strategy and marketing expert, with more than 25 years in the chemical industry at companies including Shell, Clariant and LyondellBasell.

Victoria has led numerous teams to overcome stagnant growth, develop and deliver market-focused solutions, achieve outstanding client and profitability growth and fulfill their potential.  Her strategic mindset, insatiable curiosity, and sincere interest in people, allows her to understand business challenges, ideate quickly, build trust with clients, and, in turn, help them to accelerate success.

Victoria lives in Spring, Texas with her husband Tod and their 4 daughters.  She holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.